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Kanthi D Suresh @ Asian Games 2022-Is this India's best performance at the Asiad?

1) In any Competitive event at the World Stage, its ultimately the Rank on the medal tally that determines the strength of a country

2) While the top 3 ranking nations are always considered superior, the top 5 on the medal tally do garner attention

3) At the Asian Games till date, India has had some good performances and has always been in the top 10 since 1951, barring 1990 where India was ranked at 11

4) Over the past 2 decades, India has always had a reasonable performance at the Asian games but has never been in the top 5 on the medal tally

5) This is the first time that India is playing with a rank 4 at the Asian Games beating many other countries that used to occupy that position

6) If India were to finish this event with a Rank 4, then it will be the best ever performance for India in the history of Asian Games over 2 decades


  • Released : 03-Oct-2023


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